How an App can aid in Fitness – Digital Therapeutics

Digital Therapeutics is emerging as a new trend in the pharma world. The main idea of creating this The software is to improve a person’s health as much as the drug. The cost and side-effects generally differ from a regular pill thus, it is said that an application can replace a pill.

Digital therapeutics commonly referred as digiceuticals have evolved the drug delivery system. Smart phones can be used to deliver the medicine to the patients.  It is considered that the digiceuticals can become the third phase of the medicine as a successor to the chemical form of and protein drugs. Digital Therapeutics draws attention towards itself by minimizing the billion dollar cost of bringing drugs to the market.

Digital Therapeutics impact on Patients

It is a new category of application that helps in treating a disease by modifying the patient behaviour and providing remote monitoring. This app will help in improving long term health outcomes. This kind of apps also helps in encouraging the patients to follow a strict diet, exercise programs and drug intake regimes.

Digital Therapeutics and Wellness Apps

Digital Therapeutics is quite different when compared to the other commonly used wellness apps for the following reasons:

  • Digital Therapeutics is tailored in such a way to manage specific ailments
  • Specific diseases like COPD, hypertension and diabetes and COPD can be managed with digital therapeutics apps.
  • The patient behaviour can be monitored as it plays an important role in preventing and limiting the severity of a diseased condition.
  • Digital Therapeutics has undergone clinical trials with major healthcare networks.
  • The visualization exercises to aid insomnia patients can help digiceuticals to stand out in other wellness apps.

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare companies – Digital Therapeutics

  1. Evolent Healthcare

This company sells software, information technology and advisory services to the healthcare providers to aid in the effective treatment. Evolent Healthcare makes use of a technology called Identify that gathers relevant data about the patients. This technology can lower the cost of the better treatment.

  1. Doximity

Doximity came into existence in 2011 and now it has more than 400,000 physicians using this website. It is more of a networking site for the physicians. This application gives an opportunity to the physicians and healthcare professionals to interact with peers on the same platform.

  1. Proteus Digital Health

This company has manufactured certain sensors that can be taken alongside medications. Patient’s body will be able to communicate with the patch and can also detect heart rate. These sensors are connected to the smart phones and help the patients in monitoring the medication response when it is administered.

The company also plans to work on digital medicines series that can eventually help in building a digital health platform.

  1. Perfint Healthcare

This company has revolutionized the cancer treatment with the new technology – robots assistants for oncologists. Maxio is a robot assistant, designed mainly to help oncologists with the diagnostic procedures and surgical treatment.

Maxio seems to be more accurate when compared to humans in detecting and performing the surgical treatments.

Robo is another robot that assists in targeting tumour and therapy. Robo also helps in drainage, biopsies and pain management in cancer patients.

  1. Oscar

The company offers services both in New York and New Jersey. The application can be used to describe the symptoms of a patient. The patients can keep a track of the prescription, doctor visits and their health conditions. It is more of a wellness app that can help the patients in being fit.

  1. Zest Health

This company is making sure to streamline the healthcare insurance processes. It provides round the clock nursing services and schedule appointments with in the network providers. This application has broadened the range of people in the network as it also has an option of employer messaging. You can use it either as a fitness application or make use of the services provided by the company.

  1. Nanobiosym

The handheld diagnostic equipment is manufactured by this company. This diagnostic equipment can help in the diagnosis of serious chronic diseases like HIV. The company plans to get this diagnostic equipment in the market in developing countries for easy access by the patients.

The device names GENE-Radar, Nanobiosym’s device can give the diagnostic results in less than an hour when compared to the regular standard tests that take more than a month for test results.

  1. CliniOps

The clinical trials will soon be digitised with the efforts made by this company. Clinical trials can be done more efficiently with this application. This application automates that electronic document submission and keeps sending the reminders to the individuals participating in the clinical trials. The condition of the patients can be uploaded in the form of videos and pictures on the cloud. It can help in analysing the research in real time.

  1. RespondWell

This company became famous for creating a fitness game on XBox. The popularity of this fitness game renders them to enter in the digital therapy industry and create the Respond Well Rehab Platform. Through a touch screen, the patient’s program can be shared by making use of a virtual therapist. The patient’s data is analysed after the performance data is uploaded to the cloud. This system is HIPAA compliant and can integrate EMR as well.

  1. Augmendix

This company makes use of a Google Glass to push the information like photos and notes with other information to electronic medical records. This application works with the most major EMRsystem and makes sure that the doctors spend more time on patient care when compared to the time utilized in entering the patient’s information.

  1. AdhereTech

The smart, wireless pill bottles are manufactured by this company that can help in collecting the data and sending it in real-time. It also helps in reminding and alerting the patients regarding the missed dosage of medications.

It also improves the research in the pharmaceutical industry by performing the clinical trial more efficiently. This technology is available to the patients in few developed countries at through the pharmaceutical companies and local pharmacies.


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