Best API Manufacturers in India

Indian pharmaceutical industry stands in the top five positions based on the volume and value. It holds for approximately 8.5% of the production. The pharmaceutical companies in India are incrementing exponentially due to the availability of skilled labor and innovative brains. Today globally, India ranks the 3rd largest manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in the Asia-Pacific region. The largest producers of APIs are India and China.

What are API manufacturing Industries?

APIs are chemical ingredients used for medication and over-the-counter medicines. They are biologically engineered protein and recombinant molecules made for the biotech medications. APIs have active pharmaceutical ingredients known as active ingredient (AI) in the drug. The active pharmaceutical ingredients are the chemicals that help the medication to work efficiently.

APIs are usually made from plants. The process of API manufacturing is different from the tablets, oral suspensions, and applicators. They are produced in bulk in amount and almost exist in powdered form. Additionally, an API should always meet the safety and quality standards made by the leading drug regulator in the particular country. FDA approval is a must before the APIs are sold or marketed.

API manufacturing industries in India also exports the API drugs. The pharmaceutical companies of India are strengthening their API manufacturing area by variant means. These industries are growing globally by improving their production of the scarce products by modifying the processes and by capacity re-balancing. Manufacturing standards in India are compliant with many international regulations.

Best API manufacturers in India

There are around 1600 active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers in India and China. Many Indian pharmaceutical industries are leading producer of APIs. The best API manufacturers in India are Glaxosmith Kline, Aurobindo Pharma, Cipla, Divi’s lab rotaries, Teva Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Sun Pharma, Pfizer, Matrix, Ranbaxy, IPCA, and Dr. Reddy Labratories.

Hepatitis B Vaccine


Among all of them, TAPI (Teva Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) has specialization in the range of API. TAPI has more than 300 API products. The APIs are formed from chemical synthesis, fermentation process, chromatography and plant extraction. Aurobindo and Cipla manufactured around 200 APIs. Dr. Reddy Laboratories produce 60 APIs for the medical use, diagnostic kits, and other biotech product. IPCA has also played a major role in the Indian API market. The APIs are made in the antimalarial and anti-hypersensitive groups.

Aurobindo has 200 APIs products; almost all of them are approved by FDA. Sun and Cipla Pharmaceuticals both have 200 generic APIs for a range of therapeutic categories. Ranbaxy is increasing its root in the API production. Till now, it has 100 APIs for different treatments. The Indian pharmaceutical industries exports around 25% of its production. The APIs are exported majorly in USA, Europe, and Australia.

Future market of APIs

India will remain the 3rd leading producer of generic APIs with gradual increase everywhere. The growth is increasing 20% every year as the pharmaceutical companies in India are adding more revenues. India is making an attractive market for API outsourcing due to its high quality, moderate cost, and therapeutic applications.

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