Best Pharmaceutical Devices

Medical technology and pharmaceutical industries play a vital role in the healthcare system. The medical technology uses medical devices. Medical devices effectiveness depends on the skills of the physician. On the other hand, pharmaceutical industry uses pharmaceuticals or chemicals. Pharmaceutical devices work along with the medical devices. In it, chemicals are used that interact with the immune system of the body. Pharmaceutical devices manufacturing requires a unique industry which requires its own regulatory system.

What are Pharmaceutical Devices?

Pharmaceutical Devices are the devices carrying a mechanical nature and counter an inert effect on the human body. They work by altering the metabolic or immune system of the body. Specific pharmaceutical industries that tend to make pharmaceutical devices. The risks with these devices vary from low to high. General and special controls are mentioned on the devices itself. FDA approval is a must before the marketing of Pharmaceutical devices.

Best Pharmaceutical devices

1. Insulin pen

It’s a device to inject insulin for treating diabetes. The device contains an insulin cartridge and dial to measure the amount of insulin injected. These require synthetic insulin and thus making it a pharmaceutical device.

2. Pregnancy test kit

To confirm pregnancy a pregnancy test kit is an excellent pharmaceutical device. It uses up the markers found in blood and urine to confirm pregnancy. In the kit one, the most important pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is used. Its presence suggests positive results and vice-versa.

3. Nebulizer

It’s a drug delivery device to administer medicines in the mist form into the lungs. They are used for treating respiratory diseases. The chemical drug in the nebulizers uses oxygen or ultrasonic power to break the solution into minute aerosol droplets.

4. Infusion Pump

It is required to infuse fluids, medication or nutrients inside the body. The medicine is injected intravenously via subcutaneous, arterial and epidural infusions. They are an expensive and reliable form of pharmaceutical devices used extensively.

5. Glucose meter

It’s a pharmaceutical device that can be used at the ease of your home to check diabetes. It determines the concentration of glucose in the blood. The meter or strip has a consumable element containing chemicals. The chemical reacts with glucose in the blood to measure the amount of glucose.

6. Hydrocolloid dressing

It is a biodegradable, opaque dressing. It adheres to the skin and used for treating wounds. The surface of the dressing is made up of a cross-linked mass of chemicals like gelatin, pectin and carboxy-methylcellulose. Inside, the polymers after contacting with the wound swell up forming a gel. The moisture recovers the wound. Because of the chemicals, hydrocolloid dressing is considered as a pharmaceutical device.

7. Caustic Pencil

It’s a silver nitrate stick used to cauterize skin. It works by haemostasis or by permanent destruction of unwanted tissues. They are not used for small cuts but are used to treat skin tag, aphthous ulcers, warts etc.

8. Intrauterine device

It is another extensively used small T-shaped plastic device. The device is wrapped with copper or hormones. It’s a contraceptive device that is inserted into the uterus. The non-copper IUDs are made of progesterone hormone. This pharmaceutical device is used widely as a birth control method globally.


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