Financial Support To Organisations For Promoting Pharma Sector: DoP Has Set Guidelines

As part of its efforts to advance the pharmaceutical industry in the country, the Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP) has set guidelines for offering grant-in-aid during 2018-19 to institutions, non- governmental organizations (NGOs) and agencies.

The financial aid will be provided for organizing seminars, training programmes and studies to promote exports and boost investments. NGOs and institutions will obtain assistance for conducting programmes focusing on quality improvement, waste management, USFDA notice handling, regulations for clinical trials, pharmaceutical entrepreneur success stories etc.

As indicated by the guidelines, government or academic bodies and national or state level industries’ associations like FICCI, CII, Assocham and Ph.D. Chamber of Commerce are eligible for organizing such events. The organization should ensure that the participants of target group are from pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and its related sectors.

Full financing would be provided for programs organized by government departments, institutions, and agencies. The aid will be worked out based on thorough objective and realistic assessment of requirement in each case.

Activities organized by autonomous bodies, private agencies, industry associations, private institutions, NGOs and others on the action of the DoP or on subjects advised by it would get up to 75 percent of the expenditure as assistance. If the events are held on the organizers’ own initiative, the funding will be up to 50 percent.

In the case mega-events such as India Pharma, India Medical Expo and other international events organized mutually by the DoP, the aid will be based on the estimates furnished by organizers and the parameters like expenditure brought in the past with the simultaneousness of the IFD and the Department of Expenditure.

However, the organizers should consent to the support of at least one or two technical or administrative officers from the DoP including one from the concerned division for free as full delegates.

The standards additionally state that under no circumstances, funds would be released to an event manager, for any activity of recurring nature or for providing boarding, lodging and travel expenses of speakers or delegates.

The department’s financial assistance will be available for conducting research studies, preparing sector reports, purchasing magazines, pharmacopeias, and software for developing information data banks. The grant for studies commissioned and purchase of sector reports from reputed institutions will be released in three installments. Thirty percent will be released in advance once both parties sign a MoU and execute a surety bond.

At the point when the draft report is submitted along with an executive summary, 30 percent more will be released and the rest of the 40 percent can be obtained after the submission and acceptance of the final report.

The event coordinators organizers for financial help should subtle furnish details of the budget estimate along with income expected from registration fee and commercials. Details of financial support related help from different organizations and amount of financial help required from the DoP also should be clearly said.


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