Glenmark Launches Nourkrin Woman For Hair Growth Cycle In India

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals under a licensing agreement with Denmark-based Pharma Medico has launched Nourkrin Woman, a universally eminent, clinically-demonstrated proteoglycan replacement formula, for normalizing hair growth cycle.

Nourkrin Woman will be exclusively promoted in India by Glenmark. The product contains Marilex, a proprietary scientific formula, rich in particular proteoglycans (PG) fundamental for hair follicle improvement, which helps in normalizing, supporting and maintaining the Hair Growth Cycle.

The organization expressed that it is a demonstrated formula, based on more than 56 scientific studies and is perceived by leading regulatory agencies globally. Nourkrin is the number one product in UK and Europe for hair loss management and is accessible in more than 40 countries around the world.

As indicated by Sujesh Vasudevan, President, and Head – India, Middle East and Africa – Glenmark the organization has been available in the field of Dermatology for more than 4 decades conveying comprehensively propelled treatments to Indian patients.

The launch of Nourkrin will help a huge number of women in India manage hair loss not by simply preventing hair loss but rather by normalizing the hair growth cycle and handling the issue at the follicular level.

Glenmark Launches Nourkrin Woman For Hair Growth Cycle In India

“It is disturbing to take note of that 60% women experience hair loss at some phase in their lives and in India there are in excess of 90 million women answered to have hair loss. With male and female hair loss patterns being different, Nourkrin Woman is the first and exclusive product focusing on female hair loss issue through proteoglycan replacement, said Rajesh Kapur, Senior Vice President – Sales and Marketing, Glenmark.

The center prescription product will be elevated exclusively to dermatologists the country over. It will also be accessible at select retail chemists and healthcare portals. As indicated by Indian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology, 15.3% women in India reportedly suffer from hair loss. According to 2011 Census information, the populace of women in the country was 586.47 million.

This implies 90 million women have hair loss problem. A number of factors such as stress, pollution, certain medical disorders, childbirth, conditions caused by hormonal imbalances, utilization of specific drugs, nutritional deficiencies, and use of styling products disrupt the hair development cycle and prompt balding in ladies.

Nourkrin Woman tends deeply issue of normalizing the hair growth cycle. Nourkrin Woman, accessible as tablets, is a simple-to-use treatment compared with clinical procedures and hair sprays and creams. The tablets have to be consumed twice a day for six months.


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