Gujarat FDCA, Maha FDA- Seized Spurious Drugs For Calcimax Forte Tablets

Gujarat Food and Drug Control Administration (FDCA) and Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have mutually detected an inter-state spurious drug racket.

The prime accused of the racket has been booked for contravention of the provisions of Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 for illegally stocking and providing spurious medications without a permit and legitimate bill under Section 18 c and Section 27.

The spurious item worth Rs. 11 lakh was seized from the Vapi-based distributer. Based on the tip-off from Maharashtra FDA, the Gujarat FDCA group caught the accused and seized spurious drugs for calcium tablets bearing brand name Calcimax Forte tablets. This is the most recent in the provisions of Gujarat FDCA crackdown on firms circulating spurious medications under fictitious names.

It has been recognized that specific drug exporting industries have gone under the scanner of drug controllers based on intelligence reports. Other than this, findings by other state drug regulators have also shown there is a developing network of deceitful drug distributors which have furtively spread to states like Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

In the scenery of discovery of detection illegal drugs recently through some exporting industries, Maharashtra FDA is also examining the issue further to their correspondence with Gujarat FDCA on the inter-state spurious drug racket.

Maharashtra FDA authorities have named spurious medications as a major challenge and are concocting an activity intend to plug the loopholes in the retail supply chain. Based on the investigations from respective state drug regulators where the menace of spurious drugs has to proliferate, the private activity also involved supplying the product through a Delhi based trader.

Gujarat FDCA, Maha FDA- Seized Spurious Drugs For Calcimax Forte Tablets

Based on the Gujarat FDCA findings, in Ahmedabad 50 drug retail stores were also supplied counterfeit/false drugs by the drug distributor and two people were arrested by the FDA and police in this connection. Practicing physicians were also found prescribing spurious antibiotics kept in these retail drug stores.

Informed Gujarat FDCA Commissioner Dr. H G Koshia, “After the seizure, the samples have been sent to Vadodara based drug testing lab to substantiate the findings for further action which benefits patient safety.”

Dr. Koshia also said that a racket of this extent has been recognized for the first time in Gujarat and the state controller is in constant touch with drug controllers of different states on the issue. Based on the most recent intelligence reports, spurious drugs used to be provided in a clandestine way through specific areas in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

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