IFU Introduces Color of Blood Orange Test

IFU (the international fruit and vegetable juice association) has built up an expository method for testing the concentration of blood orange juice. It claims trading blood in blood orange juice and concentrates relies upon the color intensity and needs an internationally acknowledged method for measuring all-out concentration.

Processors and bottlers

John Collins, executive director, IFU s, (such as bottles) as a standard method for setting up specifications that don’t depend on arbitrary visual appearance.”

The members from IFU are producers of juices and related products, associations, traders, machinery and packaging producers, public and private scientific institutions around the world.

Collins said method #85 was launched for this present month in the wake of being produced by its in-house lab team – Method of Analysis Commission (MAC) for fruit juice testing.

The color of pigmented “blood” oranges is caused by the presence of anthocyanins. Cyanidin-3-glucoside is the principle anthocyanin color found in oranges with lower concentrations of other mono- and di-glycoside anthocyanins. The total concentration of the anthocyanin pigments shifts relying upon the variety concerned and seasonal climatic impacts.

18 international laboratories

Collins added, “The method took three years to create and was approved in 2016 with 18 participating international research laboratories utilizing blood orange samples.”

The method works on the principle that anthocyanin pigments are totally separated from the juice with a specified volume of acidified methanol. After centrifugation, the color substance is determined by measuring the extract’s absorbance at 530nm against a solvent blank.

It requires the utilization of a spectrophotometer capable for measuring at a wavelength of 530nm, a centrifuge with adequate speed to give a “g” force of 3,000g and other equipment and solutions commonly found in a juice operational laboratory. Collins said,

“We are updating our analytical techniques for testing constantly and are at present working on IFU method #84. Stability tests for clarified juices.”


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