IIL Launches India’s First Nasal Vaccine against Parvo Virus for Dogs

Indian Immunologicals Limited (IIL) has launched India’s first “nasal vaccine against dreaded Parvovirus “for dogs branded as Megavac-P Nasal which will protect pups as young as four to a month and a half old.

Megavac-P Nasal is a nasal vaccine grown in the cell culture containing live attenuated canine Parvovirus. Until now only an injectable vaccine was available for vaccination against Parvovirus.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch of MEGAVAC-P NASAL, Dr. K Anand Kumar, MD, IIL informed, “IIL through its research is constantly looking forward to developing products with alternate delivery mechanisms that will improve efficacy, safety and all the more important customer comfort and ease of administration.”

Canine parvovirus (CPV) infection in dogs has been related to outbreaks of acute gastroenteritis characterized by bloody diarrhea, vomiting, depression, leukopenia, pyrexia, dehydration, with the high death rate.

Dogs below a half year of age are severely affected and adult puppies having inadequate immunity suffer from the disease.

Interference of maternal antibodies, long survival rate of the virus in the environment, high infectious/contagious nature of the virus and susceptibility of the pups and weak animals are the components that propagate the disease.

Contaminated surroundings, particularly in pet hotels, make it a difficult disease to control. Death rates are high in affected dogs. Effective immunization is essential for the protection of the individual pet and the decrease of infection populace.

Live attenuated vaccines are at present utilized worldwide affording prolonged immunity that would give protection against disease. At the point when Megavac-P Nasal gets absorbed in the mucosal membrane in the nose, it generates a mucosal immune response against the Canine Parvo Virus.

A portion of the vital advantages are that Vaccine is administered at the source of normal infection (nasal cavity), gives quick immune response leading superior protection against disease-causing pathogens, safe, long-lasting and broad protection, less likely to cause allergic reactions responses and higher safety. It is an extremely convenient to utilize the intranasal vaccine than the injectable vaccine.

Over 10% of adult dogs suffer from Parvo, over 30% dogs between 4-6 months of age and over 55% for pups under 3 months age. This is more pervasive in stray canines. India has over 30 million dog populace which includes an estimated 10 million pets. Henceforth Parvo is a serious disease in canines. IIL is No.1 in veterinary biologicals in India and is among the animal health companies in India.

IIL is at the forefront of vaccine research and has delivered affordable vaccines for the customers in India. IIL is also the leading human anti-rabies vaccine manufacturer in India and indigenously built up nation’s first tissue culture rabies immunization Abhayrab.

IIL acquainted antibodies to prevent several zoonotic diseases and are right now being marketed in the country. The most recent one is a vaccine (Cysvax) for Porcine Cysticercosis, an important zoonotic disease that potentially causes epilepsy in humans.

Vaccinating dogs against porcine cysticercosis can help essentially decrease the incidence of epilepsy in humans.


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