Incubator Facilities To Help Start-Ups By Aligning With Researchers

Stressing on the significance of setting up more incubator facilities that help specialists to align with new businesses to scale up their innovative thoughts, Prof. G Padmanabhan, former chief of Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru said that it is time the government institutions take a lead in setting up increasingly incubation centres to enable the scientists to scale up their ideas to line up with the startups to acquire new innovations that help to take solve of different issues in the society.

While participating in the inauguration of BioNEST facility at the School of Life Sciences at the University of Hyderabad, Prof Padmanabhan stated, “Incubators are required in all government institutions for start-ups to begin their work. I have experienced 5000 research recommendations and out of that 700 are operational in 500 industries. They have developed 100 products out of which 50 have been marketed.”

Highlighting that there is the massive degree for research, the former director called upon the government institutions which are having more than 1,000 labs the country over to establish more incubator facilities that can have start-ups fit for lining up with the research occurring within their own institutions.

Stressing on supporting more women entrepreneurs, the director said women researchers have to work towards entrepreneurship and need to take up start-ups. The recently settled bio-incubator named as BioNEST is spread over a region of 20,000 square feet in the developed territory. In fact, the bio-incubator is maybe the greatest of its kind in India.

Incubator Facilities To Help Start-Ups By Aligning With Researchers

This facility is upheld by Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), a unit of Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Sciences and Technology. Prof E Premkumar Reddy, Director of Experimental Cancer Therapeutics, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York expressed joy for associating with it as a mentor for this facility and he also expressed confidence that it will be truly outstanding in the country.

Professor Appa Rao Podile, Vice Chancellor, University of Hyderabad said that setting up this kind of a facility is like a dream come true for the School of Life Sciences in the university. Prof P. Reddanna, faculty in the Department of Plant Sciences who is the principal examiner of BioNest said this new facility will accommodate about 30 start-ups and give 16 benches to investigate.

At present, University of Hyderabad is having 350 Ph.D. researchers, faculties in the School of Life Sciences, who can help in coordinated efforts and counsels with the start-ups and enable the innovate thoughts take up their commercial shape.


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