Karnataka Govt Encourages Innovation And Technology In The BT/IT Sector

Karnataka government is presently working to goad innovation in the biotechnology and information technology (BT/IT) sector. The state has conceived that the future will be characterized not simply by IT but rather through a combination of physical, digital and biological platforms.

Through its initiative “Innovate Karnataka” it made an umbrella brand for developing innovations like blockchain, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), nanotechnology which quickens the start-up ecosystem. Regardless, the government has launched two portals: Yuva Yuga portal which is a one-stop-shop skill advancement program.

The other is e-Margadarshi for the youth looking for business openings. “For technology and innovation in India, our state has been the torchbearer. Development can’t occur without innovation. With “Innovate Karnataka”, we want to make a pathway for Mission 2025: where technology will help inclusive development, said Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah.

The goal of “Innovate Karnataka” is to see the state as the first decision of technology and innovation by adopting approaches which goad 100% digitization of health, among other domains to enable thorough comprehensive digital growth, he included.

Karnataka Govt Encourages Innovation And Technology In The BT/IT Sector

“Innovate Karnataka” will be initiated by the Department of Innovation and Technology, its past Department and BT, expressed the Karnataka chief minister. Its Department of IT was carved out of from Department of Commerce and Industry in 1998 and the sector gained quality. The government understood the capability of biotechnology and renamed it in September 2001 as the department of IT and BT.

Priyank Kharge minister for IT and BT said, “Karnataka is ready to be the global pioneer in innovation and we are on the cusp of a technology revolution. The state which initiated the start-up development is also ensuring that it is also at the forefront of the blockchain, nanotechnology, AI innovation. Presently, it is an ideal opportunity to give Karnataka a secure future where technology solves genuine issues.

“The biotech industry works intimately with Karnataka’s department of IT and BT. The name change to the Department of Innovation and Technology is commendable. We should also appreciate the Karnataka government for its farsightedness in forming the Vision Group on biotechnology in 2000. This was a thought comparatively radical and worked well which enabled the state to take initiative in both IT and BT. This was also the coming together of the industry, academia, and government in a consistent way. This formula has worked well and is an effective one,” expressed Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, chairperson, Vision Group on biotechnology in Karnataka and CMD, Biocon at the recent second edition of the Bio-economy meeting in Bengaluru. The State government demonstrated to the industry that the concept of technologies is best comprehended by pioneers in the division. This is something which is deserving of emulation in different states as we have recommended replicating the model as well, she included.


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