Kibow Biotech Collaborates With Centaur Pharma To Market Renadyl

Centaur Pharmaceuticals, one of the main pharmaceutical companies in India, and biotechnology organization, Kibow Biotech USA reported a strategic long-term collusion to market Renadyl in India.

Centaur will at first import and market the product in India, and will in the long run manufacture and market with technical inputs from Kibow Biotech. In an opening address, Gregory Taevs expressed gratitude toward Centaur and Kibow for inviting him to the event and wished the strategic alliance a great achievement.

Remarking on this vital alliance, Dr. Natrajan Ranganathan, the innovator of the globally patented product, and the founder and managing director of Kibow Biotech stated, “As my roots are from India, I am greatly glad that my company Kibow Biotech has teamed up with Centaur Pharmaceuticals. Presently we can together offer the advantages of my 20 years of research to a great many Indian patients suffering from chronic kidney sickness (CKD) and improve their lives. Kibow also has an interesting research pipeline which we would like to convey to India for the advantage of Indian patients.”

Speaking at this event, S D Sawant, executive, and MD of Centaur Pharmaceuticals stated, “Kibow has a strong research foundation and ability in modulating gut microbiome. Through this union, Centaur will use Kibow’s research expertise and its own strong manufacturing and marketing abilities to offer hope as Renadyl to patients in India suffering CKD. We are cheerful to report this union in the backdrop of World Kidney Day and World Women’s Day on eighth March”.

Kibow Biotech Has Collaborated With Centaur Pharma To Market Renadyl

A globally patented product, Renadyl, is a powerful kidney health treatment, directed towards CKD patients, especially those in Stage III/IV (pre-dialysis). Renadyl is clinically demonstrated to reduce nitrogenous waste and delay the requirement for dialysis.

Renadyl additionally gives the enhanced quality of life for Stage V patients on dialysis. CKD is quickly assuming epidemic proportions globally, and in addition to India, because of increasing rates of diabetes and hypertension, Prevalence of CKD in adult patients in India is 17.2%.

More than 1,00,000 new patients enter dialysis consistently in India.

However, because of rare resources, just 10% of this population is on dialysis. There is currently hope for CKD patients in India as Renadyl. The market for CKD treatment in India is more than Rs. 1,000 crore.


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