Know more about Pharmaceutical Sales Job

Pharmaceutical sales are the sale of pharmaceutical products or medical drugs by a pharmaceutical sales representative. Pharmaceutical sales are done hand in hand with pharma marketing which is the process of advertising or promoting the sale of the medical products. The pharmaceutical sale is recession proof field and that’s why it’s on a high demand.

Pharmaceutical sales aren’t the highest paid job but the future of its looks bright. Every year the salary and the number of PSRs is increasing. The Pharma industry relies on the sale of their product so it’s must for them to hire a compelling PSR.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

The role of Pharmaceutical Sales Representative is challenging for the pharmaceutical companies. They educate the medical professionals about the new development in the pharmaceutical industry. The professionals connect the product with the treatment to provide incomparable care to the patient. The Pharmaceutical Reps should have a top-notch knowledge of pharmacology. They should know the chemistry, action mode, side effects etc. of the pharmaceutical product they are selling.

These PSRs must specialize in a specific group of drugs like cardiac, depressants, psychiatric, anti-psychiatric drugs etc. PSR’s are the backbone of any pharmaceutical business. Their capability to combine their knowledge to the product is what proves beneficial for the health professional and the patients as well. The more knowledge they provide about the product the more it attracts the health professionals.

PSRs are hired by pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors. It’s not a direct sale as apart from the product it’s the interpersonal skill and the knowledge of the PSR which drives up the sale. Their job is not restricted only on meeting the representatives. PSRs attend the conferences and other pharmaceutical company events to broadcast their product and networks with other pharmacists and health professionals.

Pharmaceutical Sales Job

With the advancement in the medical era, there is an advancement in the pharmaceutical sales job. For this job, a four-year degree in pharmacy (B. Pharma) is most desired. Additionally, people with a science background can also be considered. Communication skills, personality, and confidence are other traits that cast an advantage.

A certification course is also available for the PSRs. Its voluntary certification course was known as Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative (CNPR). It is provided by the National Association of Pharmaceutical Representatives. It’s a kind of accredited training program offered online as well as in colleges.

The Pharmaceutical companies also provide on job training after recruitment for pharmaceutical sales representatives. With the ongoing training, PSRs can easily excel in their career. The driving force of a PSR is their curiosity and their highbrow personality to understand the science behind the products.

Pharmaceutical Sales Job offers an advancing career. With experience, pharmaceutical sales representatives can achieve an administrative position where he/she has to supervise the junior PSR and has to plan the sale campaigns and product launches. PSRs should undergo a higher degree in pharmacy to excel in their field. It’s a high-pressure job as there are targets to be achieved.  With knowledge and communication skill anybody can become a successful PSR.


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