Lupin scaling down Drug Discovery Program

Lupin, one of the biggest Pharma giant has started to rationalize the drug discovery program to focus more on mid-term and near term opportunities. According to the CNBC reports, Lupin is scaling down the drug discovery program that leads to the exit of around 50 people from the company.

Lupin has decided to increase the budget more on the complex manufacturing of generic drugs.  The changes started soon after the Q1 and it is mainly to maintain the costs of R&D. The realignment of the research and drug development is taking place by Lupin to increase the budget for complex generics. Around 50 employees from R&D is removed from the company.

Lupin has spent around 500 Crore rupees in the first quarter and the sales have gone down to 13 %. The main focus will be to stream line the complex generic pipeline. According to the reports, Lupin will be taking further big decisions in the near future to focus on the complex Generics.

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