MS Research Study launched by Novartis using Smart phones

A mobile research study called Evaluation of Evidence from Smart Phone Sensors and Patient-Reported Outcomes in Participants with Multiple Sclerosis (elevate MS) is launched by Novartis. The data is collected through the participant’s smart phones thus, eliminating the need for clinic visits.

This study is designed in such a way to gather sensor-based data. The main aim of this kind of study is to expand the understanding of the daily challenges faced by the patients with multiple sclerosis. It enfolds the new potential capacities of treatment effectiveness through real-time data collection from patients. The data extracted from the participants will be used by the researchers to understand the life of multiple sclerosis individuals.

This elevated study was developed in partnership with Sage Bionetworks. It makes use of a mobile application that was built on the Apple Research Kit platform. This will allow the multiple sclerosis patients to contribute from home or on the go and eventually allows the researchers to collect data. Thus, helping in understanding the multiple sclerosis patient’s life. While designing this application, the inputs were taken from patients, neurologists and advocates.


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