What you need to know about Pharma IT

Pharmaceutical industries have embraced information technology for automated processing. Pharma IT project encompasses different automated software that brings about smooth functioning of pharmaceutical units by enhancing its efficiency, accuracy, and decision making. Application of IT system in the pharmaceutical industry is called Pharmacy Informatics.

How IT aids in Pharmaceuticals

  • Integration and automated systems enable storage of structured patient records, electronic prescribing, dispensing of medicines, administration of drugs, and automated handling of medicines. So, it monitors the safety and efficacy of medicines.
  • IT systems help health professionals to maintain error free data and provide high-quality care. One such system is Electronic prescribing (EP) systems. EP systems automate prescribing supply and administration of medicines in the hospitals. These automated systems alleviate human medication errors and lay a strong impact on patient safety.
  • IT systems help the pharmacists and health professionals in accessing the patient records. It will provide patient centered services. For example, a health professional can access from the past medication what medicines a patient has already. The Same way a pharmacy can keep a stock of medicines as per the patient requirement. Pharma and IT linkage focus on patient centered care.
  • Online pharmacies are maintained by many pharmaceutical companies. It is the latest pharma industry trend. Providing medicines at the comfort of home is beneficial for the seller as well as the buyer.
  • Barcode identification of medicines is another noteworthy IT application that aims to reduce medicine administration errors.
  • Automated dispensing by Robots is a new pharmaceutical industry trend. Pharmacy robots reduce the incidences of dispensing errors, improves the efficiency of the dispensing process. On time dispensing of medicines optimize the use of space in pharmacy.
  • Telecare facilities use digital communication technology to provide consultation services at home. Telecare puts the patient at the center of care and encourages personalized medicines. For people with impaired mobility, it helps by reducing the need for hospital visits. It saves the time of the patient as well as health care team.

Pharmaceutical Industry trends

Pharmaceutical companies are going on with the new IT project trend. They are building up the infrastructure of their companies with automated IT systems installed. The pharma companies in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and other cities have installed various automated IT systems. Some of the most common system involved by these companies are as follows:

  1. Computerized physician order entry (CPOE)
  2. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  3. Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  4. Sales Force Automation (SFA)
  5. eBR (Electronic Batch Records)
  6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  7. Clinical trial Management system (CTMS)
  8. Corrective Action & Preventive Action (CAPA)
  9. Distributed Control System (DCS)
  10. Computerized Maintenance Management System(CMMS)

Automated systems have laid down a positive impact on the pharmaceutical industries. They have decreased the manual work; bringing about a smooth and easy work flow; reduced pear work and everything is e-documented and time efficient. In recent years, the pharma and IT industry together have brought about a significant growth.


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