Oracle Launches Clinical Development Technology in India

With an aim to tap rapidly increasing clinical trials market in India, Oracle Health Sciences has launched Clinical One platform in the country. The cloud-based platform helps life science companies manage clinical trials in an efficient and effective way and introduce treatments to market in a faster and cost-effective way.

The Clinical One platform incorporates clinical development operations and data in a single environment with shared functions and an easy-to-use interface for sites, clinical coordinators, and their counterparts. It also reduces the time to set up a clinical study.

James Streeter, global VP, life sciences product strategy for Oracle Health Sciences, said “Throughout the years, India has been a main exporter of generics to the global market. There are various generics organizations coming up in different countries big in this way impacting India’s market position in the segment. To stay competitive, Indian firms are presently investing vigorously in innovation and research and development of products. We will see more clinical trials being directed by Indian companies in coming years.”

Oracle Launches Clinical Development Technology In India

Generally, Europe and U.S. were the hotspots for clinical trials. Presently India and China are seeing a rise in the quantity of clinical trials. Pharmaceutical companies are taking trials to the global level. They need solutions to integrate different clinical trial processes to ensure data safety and make the entire procedure faster and hassle-free, all at a reasonable cost.

They are looking to bring efficiency in clinical trials and improve its quality in a cost-effective manner. Oracle’s Clinical One platform has been intended to address such needs of life science firms, said Streeter.

The Clinical One offers a unified, cloud-based eClinical platform that enables companies to seamlessly share clinical trial information throughout all phases of the drug development lifecycle and overall functions, which is ready to take advantage of the growing clinical market in India.

Throughout the last few years, the country has seen a large number of regulatory changes positioning its clinical trial industry on a development direction, he included.

Talking about Clinical One platform, James stated, “it is mainly for running clinical trials, randomizing subjects and trials, and they are made for the global market. They are very easy to set up, and it allows for vaccine trials to complex oncology trials. From simple to complex trials, it supports all these distinct types of trials from an input point of view “.

Yashi Kant, VP, health sciences sales, the Asia Pacific at Oracle Corporation says, “We do have vaccine trials running in India on our platform and it’s being used like you would use it on some other trial. To facilitate randomizations, one needs to have a certain amount of information pertaining to patients to see whether they qualify for the trial. We also work on all the components that help clinical trials including systems that monitor sites and site performance, schedules, and events; and help with budgeting. Other than this, we have data capture and data safety modules in Clinical One platform.”


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