Smart Packing of Pharmaceutical Products

Pharmaceutical medicines generally come under different types of packaging designed to keep the medication safe until they are opened for use by the patient or a health care provider. Smart packaging is required for all the pharmaceutical products to keep it safe for use. Any of the products of pharmaceutical industry can’t be left open as they are made of the chemical entity which upon exposure to environment condition loos its efficiency.

Special packaging material and packaging designs are used for packing the pharmaceutical products. In general packaging, a product is packed in either of the three kinds of packaging type.

The three kinds of packaging are:

1. Primary Packaging: This kind of packaging is used protecting the medicines from environmental conditions like moisture, dirt, heat etc. It comes in form of blister, strip, Alu-Alu and pet bottles. It is an important step in pharmaceutical packaging. This kind of packaging is neutral in shade and texture so that it does not interact with the active ingredients of the medicine.

The packaging material is non-reactive with the chemical entity of the drug. The products that are packed with the strip and blister are tablets and capsules. The medicines that come in liquid form are packed in glass bottles or high-quality plastics to avoid spilling and leakage.

2. Secondary Packaging: Once the primary packaging is done secondary packaging is done to increase the shelf life of the product. It is the labelling step. Packaging and labelling both are equally important for packaging. The packaging material of secondary packaging is cartons, labels, and boxes.

In this printed sheet are kept giving information about the active and inactive ingredients if the medicines. Thus, secondary packaging provides information about the product, its attractive, warning, dosage, and entitles the brand name as well.

The pharmaceutical packaging material is paper. The writing format and texture of the paper gives a pleasing appearance to the medicine. Cartoning Equipment, Case Packaging Equipment and Wrapping Equipment is required for secondary packaging.

3. Tertiary Packaging: tertiary packaging is required for bulk products. This packaging is done when the products are transported and shipped. The main Packaging material here is cardboard and pasteboard. Tertiary packaging is strong enough to withstand some load. It is to be strong as there are chances of mishandling, spillage, and slipping during transportation. Generally, all the medicines supplied to the distributors have all the primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging.

Why is packaging necessary for the pharmaceutical products?

Packaging is necessary for the pharmaceutical products :

  • To not allow the outside heat, cold, rain, dust, or any other minute particles to go inside.
  • To avoid spillage or leakage of the medicine if it is in a liquid or gas forms.
  • To increase the shelf life of medicine.
  • To avoid the reaction with the chemical ingredients of the medicine.
  • To ease in the transportation of medicines from one place to another.
  • To provide information about the active and inactive ingredients of the medicine.


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