How Pharma Equipment can Hamper Drug Quality

Pharmaceutical equipment is an inevitable part of a pharmaceutical industry. They play a crucial role in a clinical trial; production of drugs and devices; and packaging. The efficiency of pharmaceutical machinery directly impacts the drug quality. Pharma machinery manufacturer is focussing on developing pharma machinery that can perform a multi-level production of medical drugs. The production should be as such that the drug quality is not compromised.

How Pharma equipment can hamper the drug quality

  • Maintenance of production equipment: Production requires hefty pharma machinery. With the volume and weight, maintaining them is a cumbersome task. Buying new hi-tech machinery is easy but, to maintain the newbie is often neglected. There should be a desired staff that could maintain and update the machinery at regular intervals. If machinery is not maintained slowly and steadily it will lose its efficiency. With low efficiency, even the drug quality diminishes indirectly. Proper servicing of all the pharmaceutical equipment is must to maintain the drug standards.
  • Contamination in pharmaceutical equipment is a major reason of bad quality drugs. Contamination, the presence of particles, equipment scalability, fouling, un-cleaned parts etc. can cause contamination in the machinery. If the contamination is not looked after, then it may hamper the quality of the drug. It may even transfer the contamination to the produced drug. Proper cleaning of the pharma machinery at regular intervals is a must to ensure safety and cleanliness.
  • High up gradation cost is another hurdle that comes to pharma machinery and drug quality. Many of the pharmaceutical companies fail to meet such high financial cost so they stick to the old model of manufacturing. This does not hamper the quality of the drug but at the same time put a barrier to the advanced manufacturing process of the drug.
  • The problem with serialization: For the packaging of pharmaceutical equipment serialization is a big challenge. Suppliers have introduced technologies to opt for serialized printing on the primary packaging and on finished products. The pharmaceutical market has different standards of serialization. Every country has a slightly different way of serialization; these slight differences have made packaging a challenging task. To overcome the issue, a complete standard should be set for serialization. This will avoid any kind of medicinal errors.
  • The inadequacy of the maintenance staff and trainers. For pharmaceutical equipment, to work efficiently and maintain the drug quality the staff should be trained in the best possible way. However, this is not the case always. Negligence of the staff, inadequacy to maintain the equipment, and improper controlling hamper the drug quality. So, the staff should be trained well as per the GMP rule to maintain the standards.

The pharmaceutical industry is a competitive sector. All the companies are putting up new methods to increase the demand. The pharmaceutical industry is an extremely competitive sector. New pharmaceutical machinery, raw-material, and quality control testing are used for the pharmaceutical production of quality drugs.


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