How Important is the Quality of Packaging and Labelling Material in Pharma Industry

Packaging and labeling are the two vital requisites of the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical packaging and pharmaceutical labeling play an equal role when it comes to resolving health issues. All above that, the quality of packaging and labeling is also important for maintaining the drug quality. The way the product is packed and labeled speaks about the quality of the drug.

Importance of pharmaceutical packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging is important as it protects the product from physical, chemical, and microbiological invasion. It is also a medium to present the ads and useful details to the consumer. It also influences the customer’s choice; a good packaging is always the first option. Pharmaceutical packaging is very sensitive towards outside elements of light and moisture.

While medicinal packaging, the packaging material should be as such that after packaging it doesn’t get exposed to any kind of gases like oxygen, nitrogen. Exposure to gases, light, and moisture should be prevented as it may lead to dangerous consequences. Drug packaging should be completely leak proof as it may cause loss of solvent, contamination and may even stick to the container.

In pharmaceutical packaging, the packaging material plays an important role. Once a drug is packed, it should be sent to FDA for approval. FDA tests for the shell life of packaging, and loss of any chemical product. Extractable and leaching tests are also done for ruling out the pharmaceutical packaging material. There are different closure system regulation for different kinds of drugs and biologics. Furthermore, the FDA has given a list of materials for quality packaging. These materials ensure safe, reliable, protective, and quality.

Importance of pharmaceutical labelling

FDA has given regulatory labeling standards for pharmaceuticals, medical, and dietary products. As per the FDA regulations, all the pharmaceutical labels should be designed as such that they remain in place invariant environments during distribution, supply, and storage. The label should tell about the official product name, active and inactive ingredients, drug Facts table, use, warnings and allergic reactions.

Furthermore, all the information should be as per the FDA format. The font size and type should be readable. Appropriate abbreviations and grammar should be used. The material used for labeling can be made from white paper stock, holographic films or shrink sleeve labels. Multi-layer labels can be used where a lot of information is to be written.

Reviewing the printed label is a must as the labels should be accurate. The labeling manufacturer should follow the quality process of labeling. Mix-ups and switches between two labels should not happen. Such things should be avoided at any cost. To avoid the same proper storage control is crucial. Once the labeling is done, examine everything carefully to ensure the compatibility with FDA standards.

Packaging and labeling are thus two more important parts of pharmaceutical products. Ensure both the things should meet the quality and FDA standards. To grow up your pharma business, every minute step is to be monitored and examined right from manufacturing to labeling.


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