A Robot Passed the Chinese Medical Exam

Xiaoyi, an AI-powered robot created by Hefei City, China-based iFlyTek, recently turned into the first robot to pass China’s medical licensing exam, as indicated by a South China Morning Post report. The robot scored a noteworthy 456 on the exam, 96 points over the required marks, and it just took a small amount of the allotted exam time.

iFlyTek with Tsinghua University in Beijing, created Xiaoyi, which signifies “little doctor”. As per Chinese news reports, the greater part of the exam questions are derived from patient cases, so the robot couldn’t depend entirely on memorization and searches. Rather, Xiaoyi must have the capacity to build up the ability to reason. The analysts utilized the clinical and diagnostic knowledge of medical experts to change the robot’s calculations.

After Xiaoyi passed the exam, iFlyTek, which specializes in speech intelligence and artificial intelligence, said it would grow its business into new areas, including education and medical care.

In any case, the more developed AI technology turns into, the all the more a few people fear such progress. But, in a discussion with MD+DI sister publication Design News prior this year, Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak tried to put some of those concerns to rest.

“There’s kind of a fear with computerized intelligence that machines could turn out to be so wise and adaptable that they could absolutely supplant a man so there wouldn’t be different jobs to go to, however, that is so distant it’s an unlikely fear at this stage,” Wozniak said. “It would take many decades.”

Indeed, even machines like IBM’s Watson, for instance, have been customized in its way to deal with intellectual processing.

“For a long time, we’ve had machines that can improve apparel than a human,” Wozniak brought up. “It appears as though they are thinking preferred and quicker over us, however, we revealed to them what to consider, what to work away at, what to learn and the method to learn it by, and after that it learned very well.”


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