How to Improve Safety Measures in Pharma Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical industries are tremendously progressing due to their remarkable infrastructure and capability to meet the global needs. APIs drugs are the most demanded and require research, manufacturing, and lot of clinical trials. Pharmaceutical industries have environmental issues especially for the manufacture of APIs. For the manufacture of

APIs substances from plant and animals are combined which in turn increase the environmental risks. Pharmaceutical manufacturing face a lot of challenges to deal with the plant safety measures.

Background of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

APIs and other medical drugs are made of synthetic or natural materials. The environmental risks come when pharmaceutical manufacturing affects the flora and fauna. API manufacturing involves risks to human health, safety, and mother earth. The manufacturing process involves fire, blast, excretion of hazardous waste, poisonous gases, and liquids with high acidity.

Smokes and fumes increase the atmospheric turbidity and in turn, diminishes the amount of solar radiation coming from the sun to ground. Drug manufacturing requires large amounts of pressurized steam and hot water. This can cause fire because of heat exhaustion or when contacted with direct surfaces. API production uses pyrophoric reagents that are highly reactive to oxygen. If exposed to the air they are a threat to human, plant and animal life.

Safety Measures in Pharma Manufacturing

For the drug manufacturers safeguarding the human life, and the environment is a challenging job. Diverse strategical planning is to be done for the same. Some of the measures by which plant safety can be improved are as follows:

  • Commencing Safety Programmes:

It involves commencement of safety programs that explain the after effects of chemical reactions, types of hazardous waste, and other industrial hazards. The training and awareness about the above-mentioned things would safeguard the work force and in turn the environment. In API manufacturing, use of poisonous chemicals is unavoidable but, risk assessment, training, and awareness would definitely safeguard the industry from a big turmoil.

  • Avoiding fire and explosion:

The government in every country has laid down certain industrial and environmental laws for safety and fire protection. Laws direct careful pharmaceutical plant layouts and usage of material that reduce explosion and fire. Additionally, the hazardous operation should be done in secluded buildings to protect human life. Installation of fire alarms, temperature alarms, lifted roof and fire resistance brick-walls are some of the ways to limit fire explosion.

  • Safe handling of equipment:

It is very crucial for the pharmaceutical industry to carry the medical equipment in a safe manner inside and outside the industry. Safety of medical equipment is must for the workforce as well as the patients. Training should be given to employees on how to use the equipment. The best way to train them is online training with product simulations that give them a virtual experience. Even for the consumers, safety measures should be provided online or in a written form.

  • Chemical Safety:

Pharmaceutical industry research and development of drugs requires a lot of chemicals. Excessive chemical usage is sure to bring contamination in the laboratory and sometimes in the product as well. Training on how to handle and use the chemicals is a must. These training should be provided at intervals and whenever a new chemical is introduced.


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