Softovac Lupin: Pharma major Lupin Incursion into OTC Segment

Pharma major Lupin Limited has made a foray into the over-the-counter (OTC) segment under the ‘Lupin Life Consumer Healthcare’ umbrella with the pan-India launch of Softovac.

Softovac is a bowel regulator made with 100 percent natural actives like Isabgol, Sonamukhi, Harad, Mulethi, Gulab dal (ingredient), Amaltas, and Saunf, which are all time-tested ingredients known to provide effective relief from constipation and irregular bowel habits.

Softovac is available as a pack of 100 grams with two variations, regular and sugar-free.

Softovac, is a 34-year old legacy trusted brand has been by millions of consumers who suffer constipation and irregular bowel habits.

Pegged at over USD 2.7 billion (Rs. 18,862 crores) as on 2016 according to Nicholas Hall 2017 report, the Indian OTC market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9 percent to cross the USD 6.5 billion (Rs. 44,115 crores) mark by 2026.

In West Bengal, to OTC Softovac’s shift was piloted which the brand witnessed a growth in sales of more than 25 percent, and post the success of the pilot, a pan-India roll-out was started.

Speaking on the development, Nilesh Gupta managing director, Lupin stated, “The OTC segment is one of the fastest growing segments of the Indian pharmaceutical market. This, joined with our capacities and ability in this space, makes it a lucrative business opportunity for Lupin. Our long-term strategy is to have the portfolio of new products and additional offerings like Softovac, all of it aimed at addressing the unmet needs of patients and contributing towards their health.”

Anil Kaushal – head, consumer healthcare business, Lupin said, “Constipation is addressing as a subject not worth talking for a considerable measure of Indians. While many don’t think of it as a serious’ problem and have a tendency to ignore it, studies report that one out of four Indians feels constipated, which affects their daily routine and productivity”.

He additionally included, “For more than 30 years, Softovac has been a result of choice for many patients who suffer constipation. Thinking about the widespread prevalence of this condition, the shift from prescription to OTC has made it more available to the individuals who require it the most.”

As a part of the launch, the brand has also launched a 360-degree communications campaign based on the insight of ‘incomplete evacuation makes a deep sense of disappointment among consumers’.

This is also supplemented by print and digital campaigns, beneath the-line and purpose of- sale activations, and in addition outreach with key stakeholders in the healthcare industry.


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