Increased Acquisition Of New Enzyme Technologies To Propel Pharma Market

New enzyme technologies are seen to improve cost-efficiencies and profitability. Enzymes with the desired activity under industrial conditions are obtained by upgrading processes and protein engineering. These can’t be obtained with traditional chemical treatment.

Subsequently, there is a developing enthusiasm for substituting organic compounds with chemicals, expressed Naveen Kulkarni, CEO, Quantumzyme. The innovation start-up Quantumzyme which built up the Qzyme Benchwork platform is an engineering partner for many pharma organizations.

It helps pharma organizations move from chemistry-based synthesis to the enzymatic route. Present computational methods provide just a half data from static data. It doesn’t reveal the kinetic property of the enzyme. The vast majority of the computational techniques used to reveal hotspots depend on the Enzyme-Substrate (E-S) interactions and not on the flow of enzymatic reaction.

At the major level, everything is quantum. These are made from the quantized states and rules that govern atoms. Most computational tools targets on data analysis and interpretation. Generally, the biological information is lost because of the static nature of information, making it hard to comprehend the behavior of macromolecules in motion and in lab tests.

The best way to see these reactions in movement is with a combination of Quantum Mechanics, Molecular Modeling, and Molecular Dynamics as it settles the bottlenecks and outlines an efficient molecule, he included.

“As a technology company from India, it is a tough task to convince large players about our platform and its advantages. So, we received a positive reaction from the investment group as we recently closed a seed funding. We are waiting for the first few customer project cycles to be completed to comprehend the market dynamics better”, said Kulkarni.

Increased Acquisition Of New Enzyme Technologies To Propel Pharma Market

The Bengaluru-based Quantumzyme is in revenue condition. Most of its customers are either enzyme or pharmaceutical companies. It will also focus on generic drug manufacturers pondering to move far from the tedious and time-consuming chemistry-based synthesis programs.

Its group of more than 15 staff includes doctorates in Enzymology, bioinformatics, material science and quantum chemistry. In a bid to effectively deliver its expertise, it has joined with Skanda Lifesciences to help its laboratory infrastructure. JSS University is its academic partner to get to postgraduates for internship and for many of its representatives to seek after Ph.D. It has additionally associated with Prof. Uwe Bornscheuer, Head, Biocatalysis Department, the University of Greifswald for research projects.

“While there are several enzyme engineering companies comprehensively, Quantumzyme is the just a single to apply QM, MM, MD in a hybrid model to solve enzyme engineering problems,” expressed Kulkarni.


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